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Information About RHA

The Richvale Hunting Area, Inc. is a non-profit corporation
organized by the farmers of Richvale to provide California
sportsmen with access to a good pheasant hunting area in
Butte County for the first three weeks during the state's
regular season.


The Richvale Hunting Area consists of approximately 10,000 acres of rice lands around Richvale, California. The natural
pheasant population is supplemented by commercially raised birds that are planted throughout the season.                                    


The number of memberships is limited to assure every
hunter the best possible hunting conditions. Hunters are          

NOT restricted to a designated field, but are free to roam
throughout the entire area, unless otherwise posted.        


The area is rigidly patrolled during the hunting season to
prevent trespassing by non-members. All members are
issued identifying armbands and membership cards.
Memberships are not transferable.                           


Early Bird Special if postmarked by September 30th:

       MEMBERSHIP . $160.00

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP ....... $80.00               

All Applications not postmarked by September 30th
shall be:         

MEMBERSHIP ..........................$180.00               

         ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP .....$90.00               



The Richvale Hunting Area accepts cash, checks or money orders only.
We cannot accept credit card or ATM at this time.

** Cash or Money Order ONLY: After November 4, 2011 **


Associate Memberships are issued only to the spouse of a
member or children under 17 years of age. Limit: Four (4) Associate Memberships. Refunds will be given prior to opening day (subject to $10.00 processing fee).  


Your identification cards, armbands map, rules and regulations, and planting dates are mailed to you about 2 weeks before the opening of pheasant season. If an application is received after the above mailing date, the materials will be held at the Hunting Area office and should be picked up personally.