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    Ever since the induction of Richvale Hunting Area, Inc., it has served the
    surrounding community in a variety of ways. The greatest way the RHA
    has contributed to the community is through financial support. Since 1950,
    the RHA has given away over 700,000 dollars. The chart below gives a
    detail account for the contributions that RHA has made  from the years
  1950 to 2010.          


                    CONTRIBUTIONS SUMMARY
                         FOR FISCAL YEARS 1950-2010

Biggs High Band & Annual $ 1,630.00
Biggs High School 2,325.00
Biggs Middle School 150.00
Broadcast Accounting Service (Fight against Drugs) 600.00
Butte County Search & Rescue 450.00
Butte County Sheriff's Posse 850.00
Butte County Fire Department 42,000.00
Community Band 2,664.00
Durham Recreation & Park District 1,900.00
Gridley Youth Football 1,700.00
KKXX Radio (Drunk Driving) 220.00
Little League, 4-H, RHA Softball, etc. 14,124.00
Miscellaneous 8,256.00
Mosquito Control 2,900.00
Nightwatch 15,140.00
Richvale Flying Farmers 49,771.00
Richvale Foundation / Boosters Club (Café) 110,810.00
Richvale Parents Association 3,450.00
Richvale Parks 7 Recreation District 116,596.00
Richvale School 42,789.00
Richvale Volunteer Fire Department 300,779.00
United Fund for Outdoorsmen 1,000.00
Total  $ 720,104.00