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    To the Richvale Hunting Area.  We are a California
non-profit corporation formed by farmers to benefit local organizations.  Every year, the Hunting Area donates funds to various community organizations (see our list of contributions at left).  Farmers donate over 10,000 acres every year to the Hunting Area for membership only hunting.

    Richvale Hunting Area regrets to inform you that we will no longer be doing business as a PHEASANT Club. Due to the steady decline in membership for the past few years it is no longer feasible or financially possible to continue doing business as a Pheasant Club. The decision by the board members to close the Richvale Hunting Area as a Pheasant Club was a difficult one to make and was not made in haste. Please note that we are in the process of restructuring the Richvale Hunting Area to become a Duck Club. We will have more information regarding the changes in the future. Richvale Hunting Area would like to thank you for all of your support and look forward to serving you again.
We welcome all hunters to come and enjoy the great outdoors of Northern California while helping a non-profit organization contribute to the local needs of the Richvale community.  Please check back for updates on the duck club.

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